What is a combined trip and how do you get the most from it?

If you love to travel, you may have heard of combo travel. While it is exciting to let go and see places along the way, there are other options that allow you to make the most of the time we have available. We explain to you what a combined trip is and the advantages it offers you.

What is a combined trip?

Understanding what a combined trip is is very easy. It’s just about enjoying your vacation without having to worry about anything else. Given the multitude of travel options, not only in terms of destinations, but also in terms of activities, attractions and places to stay, more and more people prefer to choose to delegate the organization of their trip. trip.

What should be understood is that for a trip of this kind to be considered, the following three elements are essential: transport, accommodation and other tourist services, in addition to these, which will also be essential to the trip.

In other words, and to clarify what a combined trip is, you must purchase all of the above services in a particular way. First, before the journey begins. If it is an offer that we already find at destination, it will not be considered as such. This doesn’t mean you can’t participate in activities outside of what’s included.

Second, the trip must include at least one overnight stay. Therefore, organized day trips would also not be what a combined trip is.

Finally, the price you get should be specific to that option. So if you were to pay for accommodation, flight, and other services separately, the price would be different. Probably much higher than that obtained by this type of trip. The price is therefore for the whole.

What are the advantages of a combined trip?

Just understanding what a combined trip is already gives a glimpse of some of the benefits we can get if we ultimately choose this option on our next vacation. Here are the main ones.

Hotels with good reviews

The best guarantee that a destination will be worth it is the opinion of those who have been there before. When you choose a combination trip, you make sure that you only stay in hotels that offer rest and with unbeatable service. The quality of the food and the location are factors that are also taken into account.

Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy

One of the downsides of traveling alone is the time we spend finding transportation, connections, and places to visit. With the option of the combined trip, we will only have to enjoy the experience.

Lower price

As the number of travelers is higher, the discounts obtained are also higher. In addition, when we leave, we already know the total amount of the trip. This way we have more freedom to organize the expenses during the trip.

The best guides

Another of the main advantages of these trips is to be able to know in depth the place visited. You will visit the most important places of historical and cultural interest and get information on where to go in your free time.

Free time

But not everything is organized during these trips. Those who are more independent will also have their own space and will be able to take advantage of several hours a day to devote themselves to the activities that interest them the most according to their preferences.

An example of what a combined trip is

Now that you know what a combo trip is, all you have to do is look at an example to get used to the idea. In short, it’s a great way to make the most of your vacation and keep unforgettable memories.

Argentina and Brazil

Have you always wanted to travel to South America, but it’s too big a land to organize? Now you can enjoy a combined trip that takes you to two countries. Concretely Argentina and Brazil.

With this pack you will visit the districts of Buenos Aires, the Iguazu Falls and also Patagonia. And in Brazil, you will discover Rio de Janeiro, birthplace of carnival, as well as spectacular beaches where you can swim.

The price includes accommodation with breakfast for the 13 nights spent there, transport by plane, train, bus and water safari, several visits, airport and fuel taxes and insurance to travel in peace.

Now that you know all about a combination trip, it’s time to choose where to spend your next vacation!