What are the sustainable cities and the best destinations?

It is estimated that in the fairly near future, around 70% of the population will live in large cities. To accommodate such a large number of people, they will have to become sustainable cities. If you want to practice more responsible tourism, we will tell you which destinations are more involved in protecting the environment.

The most sustainable cities today

To talk about sustainable cities, we have to meet a series of requirements established as benchmarks. These are three pillars: social, environmental, and economic.

In particular, we observe values ​​such as life expectancy, obesity rate, crime, cost of living, pollution and recycling, mobility, employment rate, GDP, or tourism, among others.

After studying up and down and across these cities, here are the ones that are currently considered sustainable destinations. If you are planning to move to one of them in the future, now is a good time to pay them a visit.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is today at the top of the list of sustainable cities. Nevertheless, although it ranks first environmentally, socially it falls to twenty-seventh place. The concept of a “2000 watts per capita society” was born there and has become a target for 2050. In addition, its transport can boast of being very efficient.

From the perspective of sustainable destinations to visit as a tourist, Zurich offers plenty to do. We can highlight its historic center, although it is less attractive than that of other cities in the country, Lake Zurich with its view of the Alps and the countless monuments in its streets.


The second most sustainable city is Singapore. also ranks second among cities with the highest number of trees. It achieves this position thanks to its economic leadership, superior to that of other sustainable destinations such as Hong Kong or London.

It offers high connectivity, as well as an efficient transport network and strong job creation. Thanks to its income, it has the opportunity to reinvent itself to continue to be sustainable without neglecting any relevant aspect. This city-state, a former British colony, has Indian quarters, Arab quarters, where the Sultan’s mosque is located, as well as Chinese quarters. The Gardens of the Bay park is a compulsory visit.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm has also taken one of the first places in sustainable cities thanks to the renovation of its industrial district, which is today an ecological zone with closed circuits of energy, water, and waste. Sustainable infrastructure, clean air, and low emissions are a successful combination, reflecting the fact that economic development is possible without harming the environment.

Besides being a well-kept city, Stockholm is also very beautiful, and its historic part, which has become a trendy district, is worth a visit. After visiting the Royal Palace and its narrow streets, don’t forget the Saluhall Market in the glamorous Östermalm district, a source of inspiration for so many other markets around the world.

Vienna, Austria

What has made Vienna one of the most sustainable cities in the world? is its security? functioning public transport, and low housing prices, as well as its Smart City Vienna project, which aims for energy self-sufficiency and zero emissions by 2050.

If we visit this central European gem, we can appreciate the superb beauty of its various palaces and public buildings, which contrast with the colorful and peculiar appearance of the Hundertwasserhaus, a residential complex created in the early 1980s.

London, United Kingdom

London does not need to presented as a tourist destination. But despite the number of visitors it receives daily, its economic opportunities or environmental programs have also earned it the status of one of the world’s leading sustainable cities. However, the social aspect, in particular access to housing and mobility unresolved issues.

As for what we can visit, London preceded by its popularity. Big Ben, Chinatown, streets like Oxford Circus or Regent Street, modern Shoreditch, or Westminster Abbey are just a few examples of what this cosmopolitan city has to offer.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam could not fail to be among the sustainable destinations and it stands out mainly for its social aspect. In 2016, it was Capital of Innovation and it invested in improving the quality of life of those who live there and in reducing their emissions. Popular for the use of bicycles and for its cafeterias, this is another of the most charming sustainable cities.