The six most visited World Heritage sites in the world

The world is full of treasures that we must preserve. Some are the work of human beings, others are natural phenomena that seem straight out of a movie. For their protection and conservation, various points have been named World Heritage sites. If you are passionate about culture and history, you cannot miss them on your next trips.

World Heritage sites to visit once in our lifetime

UNESCO is responsible for designating and issuing title deeds for these World Heritage sites. To be on this list, it is necessary to have high natural or cultural power. Thus, the selection criteria for natural sites include being models of ecological or biological processes, a representative example of the Earth or a region of exceptional beauty.

Among the criteria of cultural works, the most important are the representation of a human masterpiece or its history, the unique testimony of a civilization or culture, or a change in cultural value. If you fascinated by knowing the World Heritage sites, here are some of the most remarkable.

Taj Mahal, India

This mausoleum does not need to presented, as it is one of the best-known World Heritage sites in the world. The story goes that Emperor Shah Jahan ordered the construction of this masterpiece for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died giving birth to her fourteenth child. There he rests in his grave.

The combination of architectural elements from various cultures, such as Persian, Islamic, Indian and Turkish, and the romanticism that characterizes its history, have made it one of the most visited monuments on the planet.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The largest religious monument in the world is one of the most popular World Heritage sites in recent times. Despite the passage of years, it remains perfectly preserved, which makes its visit a unique experience.

As well as being the largest religious structure ever built! also one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. If you decide to organize a trip to Asia, Angkor Wat is a must stop.

Machu Picchu, Peru

The name Machu Picchu belongs to the Quechua language, and means “old mountain”. According to the preserved documents, it was a resting place of Pachacútec, an Inca from Tahuantinsuyo.

However, its structure also reflects a ceremonial character, and it is likely that before it became a palace, this place was a religious shrine. Both for its architecture and for its engineering work, it is one of the most valuable World Heritage sites. It is a tourist attraction for those who wish to visit this archaeological center.

Easter Island, Chile

Located in Polynesia, Oceania, this island has an area of ​​just over 163 km². These dimensions make it the largest island in Chile, with a population of less than 8,000 inhabitants and concentrated in Hanga Roa.

This is where the giant statues of the Moais erected, whose name means “living face of the ancestors”. Through them, the deceased in spiritual power continued to protect the tribe. Due to its singular beauty and its vestiges of ancestral cultures, in 1995 it became one of the most famous World Heritage sites in the world.

The Great Wall, China

China is not just about millions of people. There also millions of tourists who come to visit the remains of the famous Great Wall of China, which can be seen from space.

This fortification was built in the 5th century but was rebuilt in the 16th century to protect the northern border of the Chinese Empire. When the danger was spotted, a fire was lit which spread from one turn to the next. Currently, different sections can be visited, in addition to covering several kilometers of its extension. It is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive World Heritage sites.

Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Western culture is based on this civilization, and its architecture is a clear example of the importance and influence it has had throughout history. The acropolis or “upper town” used in its time of defense and place of worship. This architectural and artistic ensemble is the heritage of ancient Greece to the world and therefore cannot be missing among the famous World Heritage sites.