The seven best beaches in Myanmar, Burma

Destinations with paradisiacal beaches are among the most sought after by those who wish to travel in search of tranquility and disconnection. These criteria often make them very popular places. However, it is still possible to find places that look like an authentic paradise. Here we present the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar, Burma.

The beaches of Myanmar, Burma not to be miss

If you’ve heard of Myanmar before, chances are the image that comes to mind is of pagodas and temples. And it is true that they found all over the country, especially in the old city of Bagan. But in addition to its impressive landscapes steeped in culture and traditions, this unknown place has breathtaking beaches.

For those who are looking for a destination full of charm, but without overcrowding, here are the beaches not to be miss on a trip to Myanmar, Burma. Immaculate nature in all its splendor.

Chaung Tha

Although it is not a beach of crystal clear water and white sand that sparkles in the sun, it is one of the beaches in Myanmar, Burma that should not be missed when exploring the country. Being the preferred option of the Burmese, it is therefore an opportunity to learn more about the customs of these people.

The beach is suitable for the holiday periods of the local population. This is why there are various tourist services there, as well as shops and markets that are worth visiting. In addition, from there it is possible to approach the nearest virgin islands, which can boast of their seabed.


Unlike the previous one, Ngapali is one of the beaches in Myanmar, Burma with a paradisiacal aspect. With its fine sand and transparent water, it offers the best sunsets that one can find on a trip to Myanmar.

There is no shortage of accommodation options, but the place is not yet overcrowded. You can enjoy walks by the sea in peace and taste the variety of seafood offered by the surrounding restaurants. And for lovers of water sports, it is also one of the best beaches in Myanmar, Burma for scuba diving or kayaking.

Ngwe Saung

To access this majestic place, it is necessary to travel a few hours by road. However, the ride has its payoff, as it is another of the best beaches in Myanmar, Burma. Located south of Ngapali and not far from Yangon, Ngwe Saung is also known as Silver Beach.

This option differs from the previous one, as the tourist infrastructure is smaller, so the number of visitors is also lower. A perfect place to rest after long days spent visiting the monuments of the country.


Located in the southeast of the country, this city has asphalt streets, roads with lines, and higher cleanliness than in other parts of the country. However, that does not make it a tourist destination. Its great treasure is that it is home to some of the best beaches in Myanmar, Burma. Tizit or Nabule Beach are two of the almost virgin beaches in which it is possible to swim, accompanied by curious Burmese children.

Mergui Archipelago

Near Myeik, this archipelago is undoubtedly the jewel of the whole country. Composed of more than 800 virgin islands, it is a unique natural place in the world, so much so that some islands are completely inaccessible. They are home to the Moken, a group of 2,000 to 3,000 sea gypsies, whose ancestral language and culture are almost unique. A tropical paradise that is home to the most spectacular beaches in Myanmar, Burma.


Macleod is one of the hidden islands of the Mergui archipelago. Its natural treasures deserve special mention, as they are the most spectacular beaches in Myanmar, Burma. There are small villages and simple campsites for visitors, which replace with great charm the large and luxurious tourist accommodation that can be found in other parts of the country.

Gwa and Kanthaya

These beaches of Myanmar, Burma, are located in the Bay of Bengal. In a virgin environment, they benefit from an incomparable beauty far from the tourist resorts. Also called Pleasant Beach, it involves a journey of several hours from Yangon. However, as its name suggests, it’s a pleasant destination to discover after having strolled through beaches lined only with palm trees.

There are several options for enjoying the beaches of Myanmar, Burma. Whether for its paradisiacal character or for the authenticity of its landscapes, it is one of those destinations that must be visited before it becomes a favorite tourist destination.