Itinerary through the Philippines: the best places to go in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia, in the Western Pacific region. This country characterized in particular by the fact that it includes more than seven thousand islands and, due to its variety and richness, offers beaches with crystal clear waters to isolated villages where one can disconnect from the world. Discover the best of travel in this country with our itinerary through the Philippines.

Itinerary through the Philippines

A trip to this wonderful country is nothing like what we have already taken. Like the best adventurers, we can move from one island to another and discover all the secrets it hides. Unforgettable sunsets, diving with colorful fish or relaxing on movie beaches. Here’s what you can’t miss on your Philippines itinerary.

Cebu’s historical legacy

In addition to being a province, Cebu is also a port capital. If we like to discover the past, we will have the opportunity to discover vestiges. Its monuments include the Basilica of the Holy Child, the Magellanic Cross, and the Fort of Saint Peter. And if we want to enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city, there is an observation platform on Mount Busay.

Diving in Pescador Island

From Cebu, we can reach our second stop on the Philippine road. If we love diving, Pescador Island will meet all of our expectations. In addition to a multitude of fish, we will swim among the turtles, and if we are lucky it is possible to see the whale shark and even the hammerhead shark, although this is much less frequent.

Picnic at Nacpan Beach

This part of the route through the Philippines is one of the most touristic, but also allows us to taste the best dishes of its cuisine. Buffets with meat, fish and fruit, live music and even traditional dances are just a few examples of what awaits us there. But on top of all that, it is an absolute feast for the eyes of all nature lovers.

Traditional houses in Batad

Batad is one of the areas of the route through the Philippines that is characterized by its rice paddies, and is also a World Heritage Site. To access this beautiful place, we must first go to Banaue from where we can use a local jeepney to get to the nearest point by vehicle. Then, in us pRomenant, we will reach its terraces spread over the deep green valley, adorned with a few houses of the village. A fairytale scenario not to be missed.

The lagoons of El Nido

El Nido, or Big Lagoon, is a hidden blue lagoon with crystal clear waters. There are several ways to access it, but one of the most recommended is kayaking, as it allows us to access all the hidden corners. Besides the water, the vegetation of the mountains is impressive, as well as the variety of caves and caverns that we will discover with the song of the birds as a company. If you love to explore, El Nido must be on your itinerary through the Philippines.

Swim with sharks in Donsol

If Pescador Island weren’t enough for us, Donsol’s beaches should have you covered on your route through the Philippines. From a boat we will go to sea and we will be given the green light to jump into the water to swim with the whale sharks. Up to 15 meters long, that shouldn’t worry us, as they feed only on plankton.

A pinch of chocolate in Bohol

The island of Bohol has the spectacular figure of 1,200 mounds on its surface. The peculiarity that characterizes them is that they are all completely symmetrical. This jewel of nature turns brown in the dry season. That is to say between the months of December and April. If we visit this season on our route through the Philippines, we will discover the resemblance to chocolates.

The action of the Hibok-Hibok volcano

While the mounds have awakened our more adventurous side, there’s no better time to get up close to the Hibok-Hibok volcano, which is still active. It is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and has six boiling water springs, three craters with lakes, and a sea. Located on Camiguín Island, it covers over 3,000 hectares of jungle. Both in the water and out of the water, we will find great wealth and the greatest biodiversity of all the Philippines.

These are just a few of the places you can visit on a trip to the Philippines. Due to the large number of islands it covers, the possibilities are almost endless. Let yourself seduced by unparalleled beauty and the most hidden places on its surface.