6 trips for people over 55 that will make you enjoy

As we age, we learn to take things more calmly. Perhaps this is why the travel destinations that sought after tending to be less crowded and less fashionable. If you are looking for a different experience, here are some trip for people over 55.

Travel ideas for people over 55

With the rapid aging of the population due to the decrease in the number of births, the offer of travel for people over 55 years old is more and more important. With high-quality accommodation, great guides, and all the comforts you can imagine, here is what we have to offer.


Vietnam is a country that enchants. With a territory dominated by Buddhist pagodas, there are vibrant towns with bustling traffic contrasting with beautiful beaches and tranquil tropical hills, and dense mangrove forests. The north of the country characterized by rice paddies, and you can enjoy hiking on trails where you can breathe the fresh air.

In addition to the Mekong and Halong Bay, the islands of Can Dao and Phu Quoc are also worth a visit. In their culture, the French influence is clear, affecting not only the alphabet but also the architecture, such as the Basilica of Our Lady in Saigon. It is one of the most interesting travel proposals for those over 55.


From Vietnam, we go to the Middle East, more precisely to Jordan. There are places as emblematic as Petra, which was the center of Nabataean civilization and which is a true work of art. The Cradle of Civilization is an ideal destination for history lovers, as it is a place that enjoys a strategic location.

But besides mountains and deserts, this is one of the most complete trips for those over 55, as it also includes a swim in the Dead Sea. As it is the lowest point on Earth and the sea has very high salt content, swimming there is impossible. All you can do is relax and rest.


This destination is characterized by the contrast between its tall buildings and the jungle that covers 40% of the country. In the heart of Central America, this country has the canal that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific, a true gem of engineering.

If you are looking for trips for people over 55 who are characterized by their originality, Panama is your destination. Colonial towns, white-sand beaches, and volcanic jungles complete its unforgettable landscape.


If you’ve never visited Romania, it’s hard to imagine its landscapes. As if it were a trip to the Middle Ages, its picturesque villages in Transylvania tell the legend of Dracula. But in addition to its history and legends, it is also possible to enjoy the unique beauty of its architecture and even beaches and spas. This country also has 13 natural parks and 3 biosphere reserves.

But besides an endless list of places to visit, Romania is also a wine lover’s paradise. Its wine heritage dates back over 6,000 years, which is reflected in its flavor. One of the travel proposals for those over 55 that will surprise you the most.


Talking about Norway is like thinking of the Vikings and the fjords; a valley carved out by a glacier and into which seawater has entered, so even though it looks like a lake, the water is salty. Unparalleled in beauty, this trip will not only allow you to enjoy the wildlife but also to observe arctic species like polar bears, walruses, and even whales.

If we are looking for trips for those over 55 with a plethora of options, Norway won’t disappoint. Lakes, over 200,000 islands, mountains, glaciers, and beautiful villages so you won’t get bored. And to regain your strength, nothing better than to taste its good fish.


The latest travel proposal for those over 55 in Argentina, the eighth-largest country in the world. This is why we will need a good deal of time to discover all its charms. But why hurry?

Iguazu Falls enjoy the same popularity as mate, and Tierra del Fuego National Park in Patagonia is another must-see stop for those who love wildlife. Moreover, Buenos Aires is also a city full of art and attraction.

If you are thinking about planning your next vacation, with these trips for over 55s, you will be hard-pressed to choose!